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Your reliable cannabis supply chain starts here. We are fueling best-in-class brands throughout California.


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Are you a cannabis cultivator and need a trustworthy distribution partner who upholds compliant practices, values honest communication, and operates transparent supply chains?

Are you looking to source clean and consistent raw material for your unique product line?

Are you starting your own business and need a source to make your dream product a reality?

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Guided by mindful principles of sustainability, our founders created the heart of the Headwaters business by burying their own hands in the dirt.

Today, Headwaters has grown into a vibrant and thriving farm-to-market business focused on compliance, sustainable cultivation, high-touch cannabis distribution, and the creation of consistent and reliable consumer products.


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We're a mission driven company, which means our work is driven by a desire to bring clean product to the market and a commitment to demand clean practices of the industry—but we can't do it without a stellar team.