Co-Packing with Headwaters


Create Your Dream Product

Headwaters’ co-packing program is for existing brands looking to build out their product lines on a foundation of conscious cannabis. We source top quality cannabis from our network of highly vetted growers and work with a roster of industry-best transportation companies, packaging designers, and labs to create your dream product. If you’re interested in building a product with us, fill out the form below.

Great Brands are Fueled by Solid Supply

With new brands coming online everyday, we’ve made it our mission to be a leading supplier of clean bulk cannabis to those new brands so that their products are successful.

Consistency is King

We know what a nightmare it can be sourcing from multiple suppliers from a supply chain where the definitions of “trim”, “flower”, “whole plant” or any other number of terms can be wildly different.

We curate an easy-to-use catalog, The Stream, so that your end product is consistent and scalable.

A Curated Experience

We have years of experience taking consumer brands to market in California’s cannabis market, which means we know what it takes. From compliant packaging, to product specifications, category allocation and distribution strategies, we offer that intimate knowledge to our co-packing partners so that the product has the best angle for success in a saturated retail market.

California Compliant

Keeping up with regulations requires an enormous amount of time, resources, and strategy. Without dedicating a full-time job, it can quickly feel overwhelming.

Headwaters takes the confusion out of compliance regulations, ultimately fast-tracking your success. We’ll make sure the entire process meets current California compliance regulations, giving you peace of mind and saving you time so you can get back to what you do best: creating amazing consumer brands.

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