Partner Farms

A Community of Farmers



It can be difficult to know how to buy and sell smart in California’s bulk cannabis market. It’s our mission to solve that for you. We’re not an aggregator or joker broker, we own 6+ acres of our own flagship farms and tout a sourcing network of 10M+ sq feet of farm partners.

Our farms—and those of our growing partners—are bound together by a a commitment to growing product that yields clean, great tasting cannabis for our customers—and doesn’t deplete the environment in the process. 

Personalized Support

Our Sourcing Team operates as a dedicated unit focused on helping you succeed. From the on-boarding process to support around compliance, crop forecasting and market price insights, you’ll be able to count on our Sourcing Team’s expertise and support for the entirety of your relationship with Headwaters.

Quality Assurance Program

We work to get the best product in our distribution network. We will help review your crop for quality assurance and work with accredited labs to get R&D test results.

Catalog Feature

When you source with Headwaters, your product gets featured in our weekly product catalog, The Stream, to match your inventory with our network of bulk buyers.

Whether you are looking for top dollar for your product or a quick sale, our Sourcing Team will align with your business needs.

California Compliant

Keeping up with regulations requires an enormous amount of time, resources, and strategy. Without dedicating a full-time job, it can quickly feel overwhelming.

Headwaters takes the confusion out of compliance regulations, ultimately fast-tracking your success. We’ll make sure the entire process meets current California compliance regulations, giving you peace of mind and saving you time so you can get back to what you do best: growing and cultivating quality cannabis.

Partner Farm Requirements

  • Temporary Cultivation License
  • Seller’s Permit
  • A dedication to growing practices that are sustainable whenever possible
  • Interest in selling bulk batches to our strategic network of bulk buyers