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A New Way to Buy in Bulk

The status quo isn't good enough.

Companies looking to source bulk material for their product lines are faced with a maddening process: opaque transactions, erratic product quality and zero transparency into the supply chain.

Enter Headwaters.

With over fifteen years of growing experience ourselves, we know the ins and out of cultivation and share our expertise and guidance with our network of partner farms.

When you source bulk supply from Headwaters, you get personalized support from our sales team – dedicated to pairing you with the exact product to fit your unique business needs.


Consistency. Transparency. Quality. 


Personalized Support

You’ll work with our dedicated Sales & Sourcing team to identify the bulk cannabis product to fit your needs. We will consider how you’re planning to use it, desired volumes, and frequency of delivery.


Catalog Access

Access our product catalogue, The Stream - an updated inventory of bulk cannabis and cannabis products from handpicked suppliers across the state of California.

Discover what the in-house Headwaters farms and our network of partner farms have to offer.


Perfect Match

Whether you are looking for top quality bulk cannabis flower, pre-roll material, cannabis oil supply, or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered.


Custom Orders

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in our product catalog, The Stream, we can source a custom order to fit your exact needs.

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