Greenhouses — An Organic and Nonorganic Grower Viewpoint

Written by By Ed Van Wingerden, Avocado and Cannabis Farmer | SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT | JUN 27, 2019


When it comes to cleaning up Santa Barbara County’s environment, greenhouse cannabis growers are leading the way. Without a doubt, the switchover from cut flowers to cannabis has dramatically reduced pesticide use in the county. Unlike any other crop, the standards for cannabis are nearly zero tolerance for dozens of pesticides and chemicals known to cause human health issues. A cannabis crop would have to be destroyed if it tests higher than 4 parts per billion on 68 different pesticides, or for E. coli, molds, and other substances deemed a health risk. Every conventional pesticide’s active ingredient is tested so consumers are protected from ingesting or inhaling harmful chemicals. No other agricultural crop is tested to these standards.

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Torey Schreiner