Need Biomass?


  • Farm-Direct Biomass Contracts

  • Direct to Manufacturer Supply Deals with NO middleman

  • Toll Processing

  • 7 Acres of Headwaters Canopy and Still Expanding

  • Over 10 Million Square Feet of Canopy in Our Network

  • Bulk Sales Channels

  • Premier Lab Testing Services

  • Lab Testing Consulting

  • Compliance Consulting

  • Logistics Servies


  • Raw and Winterized, Decarbed, Tested CRUDE

  • Phase 3 Tested DISTILLATE

  • Consistent Product Based on YOUR Specifications


  • Rev. Share Tolling Agreements

  • Spot Deals

  • CPG Deals

  • COD

  • We're the most consistent supply chain provider in the business and we're willing to create customized deal structures for our partners

The California cannabis industry has proven to be uniquely chaotic, filled with uncertainty, and rapid evolution. As if creating consistent products wasn’t challenging enough, supply chains are in disarray throughout the industry. At Headwaters, we saw this disarray as an opportunity, developed creative solutions amidst the chaos and are now aiming to do the same for our partners.

Our mission is simple: We aim to be the #1 trusted supply chain service provider in cannabis.