About Headwaters

We have one mission:

The Headwaters Way

Headwaters is a full-service team of dedicated buyers and sellers of wholesale cannabis. With locations in both Northern and Southern California, we are able to service cannabis cultivators and bulk buyers throughout the state.

Headwaters is a mission-driven company focused on leading the cannabis industry towards a clean and sustainable future. Headwaters strives to source cannabis that not only looks, tastes and feels great, but is built on a supply chain that supports the environment, sustains communities and strives to make the world a better place.

A Movement

We are a collective of cannabis innovators driven by a passion for quality, sustainable, and conscious cannabis. By consolidating cultivation, product sourcing, bulk distribution, and manufacturing into one operation, Headwaters has radically streamlined the traditional cannabis supply chain. 

Welcome to the new world of long-term partnerships, supply chain transparency, and trust.

Leading by Example

By sharing our wealth of hands-on experience with our partners, we’ve created a community where we can all grow together.